In addition to private school placements, many ASAH members offer consultation services directly to districts that are working to support students with disabilities in public schools, and to parents in need of more intensive services at home.

In-district and locally-delivered consultation can significantly enhance your efforts
to support students with disabilities:

  • Recognized experienced experts are readily available
  • Services can be highly customized
  • Supports are available for single students, classrooms, or entire buildings
  • Help can be directed at bringing students back into their local programs
  • In-district services reduce transportation costs
  • Low incidence disabilities can be effectively addressed locally
  • Develop programs that can attract students from other school districts
  • Take control of the scope and degree of services needed

Approved private schools and agencies can provide:

  • Specialized & Comprehensive Evaluations
  • Educational & Clinical Consultation Services
  • Behavioral Consultation Services, including Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Related Services
  • Home-Based Services
  • Itinerant Services for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Itinerant Services for Students Who are Blind or Visually Impaired
  • Augmentative Communication Services
  • Preschool ABA Programs
  • Support for In-District Programs
  • Curriculum Design & Implementation
  • Inclusion Support Services
  • Staff Training & Professional Development Services
  • Technology Consultation & Assistance
  • Community-based Transition Services

and much moreā€¦

For more information on direct school consultation services available from ASAH members, or for a referral to a program that offers the services you need, contact Susan Recce, Assistant Directer at 609-890-1400, or use our contact form. Click here to download ASAH’s Consultation Services for Public Schools and Agencies brochure.