One of ASAH’s roles is as a source and repository for information about special education services in New Jersey – for teachers and administrators, parents, school districts and state administrators.

Print Periodicals


  • New Advocacy Series – With support from Hinkle, Fingles and Prior, ASAH has produced a series of short videos to help families understand areas of special education and disability law that tend to cause the most confusion. Click here to view the series now.
  • ASAH Promotional Videos – Public Service Announcement-style videos (various lengths) for promoting private special education in New Jersey. Click here to view the promo videos now.

ASAH’s Private School Placement Toolbox

  • ASAH’s Private School Placement Toolbox – A collection of materials and resources designed to help parents and concerned educators make informed decisions about educational placements for children with disabilities. Visit page on this site.

Booklets and Brochures

  • ASAH Through the Years: Changing the Future, One Child at a Time – A 40-year history and timeline of private special education services and policy in New Jersey. Click to download the PDF
  • Great Outcomes, Great Value: Private Special Education Programs – We have great outcomes because we specialize in preparing students with disabilities for life. That is ALL we do. Click to download the PDF.
  • ASAH Preschool Guide – Our guide to preschool services for students with disabilities is intended to help parents of our youngest children – those in the preschool years – understand and access the high quality, effective services they need to make a lifetime of difference! Click a language preference to view the guide as a PDF now. English • Spanish
  • The Private School Option for Children with Disabilities: What Parents Need to Know, new edition available. Call ASAH’s Parent Assistance Line at 1-877-287-2724 for a free copy or click here to download a pdf now.
  • Every Child Has Rights, and So Do Parents. Learn more about parents’ rights to a full range of educational options for children with disabilities. Download PDF.
  • Parental Rights in Special EducationDownload PDF from the New Jersey Department of Education website.
  • Planning the Transition from School to Adult Life. [2016 English Edition] [Spanish]
  • Guide for Parents as They Consider Special Education Placement. [English] [Spanish]
  • Changes to Your Child’s Special Education Placement; What Parents Need to Know. A brochure from the offices of Hinkle, Fingles & Prior, Attorneys at Law.
  • Success Stories. ASAH’s 35th Anniversary publication. Download PDF.
  • Consultation Services for Public Schools and Agencies brochure. Download PDF.
  • ASAH’s agency brochure. Download PDF.


  • The Full Cost to Taxpayers of Self-Contained Classrooms for Students with Complex Disabilities: A Comparative Analysis of Local District, County-Based, and Private Special Education Programs in New Jersey – ASAH has updated its Comparative Cost Study detailing the full cost to taxpayers of special education services provided in local district, county-based and private schools. Click here to download the full report.
  • Outcomes of Approved Special Education Programs in the Private Sector: Results of a Statewide Survey; Plans for Existing Students 2015-2016 Download Report PDF.